Son! Whatever you do,dont shoot from there.

Holly grail of basketball is finding the sweet spot to shoot from. Part of every player's shot selection is to pick the best spot to jack it up.

Kirk Goldberry collected five year worth of data form NBA games. With 1335 games every season, he reviwed data for over 6600 games and more than 700 players. He overlaped all NBA shot charts to find hot and cold spot for all the players. Shocking results is that damn little blue dot on the left side of the key is the hardest spot to make a shot. Only two Tim Duncan and Chris Bosh was able to make more that %46 of thier shots from there. For the rest, it was a mess. Koby scored only %33 of his shots from that location.

Why its so hard to sink a shot from there? God knows. Maybe the tallest defence guys are usuly hanging out in there. It's high traffic. Offence is usually in the move in that spot. Worst of all, your mind plays trick on you: bank it or swish it?

Furthure, Kirk broke down the shot charts for every postion as below. ( Red=High Percenage shots. Blue=Low Percentage shots).